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A note from Nevada Wier about her photo tours:

“I design my tours for the adventurous photographer – someone who likes to travel to remote locations of world …lugging their camera gear. We have a colossal amount of fun, but my tours are not for everyone. We often stay in village homes, eat local food (although I am a tyrant about the cleanliness of the preparations), and sometime have long day hikes. It is important to be flexible, patient, good-humored, have limited dietary needs, and be in hearty physical shape. My tours are as much about travel as they are about photography. Rugged travel is mentally difficult especially when you are photographing all day.

The groups are small; 8-12 depending on the location, and therefore they are a bit more expensive than some other photo tours. I chose locations that require more effort to reach. There are some days that we might visit more common tourist destinations but usually that is on the way to a remote region or village. I don’t want to imply that you need to be an athlete to be on these tours – but you do need to be in excellent health and reasonable physical shape. Some tours can be very isolated and have day hikes up and down ridges. You can walk at your own pace (and you will be carrying your cameras) but I want it to be enjoyable and not a struggle for you. Consult the individual itinerary for level of hikes and activities.

My tours are for the enthusiastic photographer. I do not suggest that non-photographers come on these tours unless they talk to me first. It doesn’t matter what camera or what level of expertise you possess – what matters is zeal for photography. I’m passionate about photography and go all day. However, there is plenty of flexibility. If you don’t feel like going out for sunrise or want to take time off and be on your own -- that is fine. It’s your vacation.

I have traveled to most of the locations in the tours numerous times, but sometimes there are villages and areas I haven’t visited. Occasionally I will run an “exploratory” tour or a tour that is open only to photo tour alumni. I always work with local operators and guides that understand the special nature and flexibility of my tours. They are the key to the success of my trips.

These are tours; not workshops. To me a tour and a workshop are separate beasts. There is rarely any time (and often not electricity) to review and critique your images. Sometimes I give lectures and demonstrations; it depends on the group and the trip. However, I am ALWAYS available for any questions, advice … and there is always that “fill-flash” lecture.

Yes, I photograph on these tours but my first priority is to be available as a resource. I try to control my “natural assertive nature with my wide-angle” and make sure that everyone gets a chance to photograph a scene if we are in a group. However, usually we are spread out; I don’t want people shooting over anyone’s shoulder unless there is a good reason.

So if you like nice hotel rooms all the time, western toilets, and are squeamish about eating in small local restaurants – I’d suggest a different tour. However, if you have that yen for adventure, revel in unpredictability, love to explore with your heart and your camera, and don’t mind rough conditions – then my photo tours might be for you. It is really just a group of like-minded fun people enjoying travel and photography together.

I do not advertise specific tours on my website. I notify people when a tour itinerary is ready for signups, as follows:

  • First, I notify, by email, the alumni of past tours and people who have taken a workshop with me and have asked to be notified about the tours. Usually the tour fills from this Select Photo Tour List, sometimes in less than an hour. .
  • If the tour has not filled, the next day I notify a Special List of people who have personally contacted me with their interest in my tours. I will also contact this Special List if there is a last minute cancellation.

If you have not been on a previous tour and are really interested in my tours, please email me and I can put you on the Special List. Or, better yet, take a workshop with me so you can be on the Select Photo Tour List. I offer about 3 - 4 tours a year. ”


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